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While sports, in general, has long been popular, there is somehow something special about team sports. Most fans love it because it gives a certain sense of belonging even when you, yourself are not a part of the team. There is a unique bond that forms between fans of the same team, even if they do not previously know each other. The camaraderie in team sports is something not found elsewhere.

Baseball is among the most favorite team sports of many people across the United States. Baseball events are always fun and enjoyable. 

It does not even matter if the tournament is major league or minor league. Fans and enthusiasts can watch live games at the comfort of their homes through their television screens. Better yet, if you have access to it, why not witness the games in person in the baseball stadiums and ballparks?

Nothing beats the action of a live baseball game. However, there may be times when the game is excessively brought to life to the spectators watching in the stands. How is this possible?

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Sometimes, in the action, players may hit the ball too hard or in the wrong direction. At these instances, the ball may be sent flying towards an unsuspecting crowd. Usually, nothing dangerous happens, except a fan gets a souvenir from the game. However, the risk of getting someone injured in this way cannot be completely eliminated. This is where back stops come into play.

Backstops are fences usually located behind a home plate. They are built high enough to protect the audience from foul balls or wild pitches. In this way, the chance of injuring someone during a game is lessened. The common materials used for backstops are chain link and vinyl-coated netting.

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